The battle over the Second Amendment and gun laws has heated up in the Twin Tiers. As a Susquehanna County resident, I must admit that this put a smile on my face. A little old rural County standing up to State and federal officials? Ballsy!

Wednesday night, Susquehanna County Commissioners passed a resolution saying any new laws restricting gun rights won't apply there. It was partly in response to the tough new laws passed just a stones throw away in New York and in preparation of any legislation that Pennsylvania passes.

The wording of the resolution states: The resolution passed Wednesday says "any new federal act, bill, law, rule or executive order that infringes on Second Amendment rights shall be "unenforceable" in the county."  No one at the public meeting opposed the measure.

My personal take on the gun debate is simple: criminals don't follow the law and they already have (or have access to) any firearm they want. How is passing yet another law going to curb those people? Answer the question factually and you have a solution to the problem. Realistically, there is no answer. Chicago has one of the toughest laws on the books, yet they are on track to have record gun deaths this year. Why? Gangs don't follow the law.

Law abiding citizens should be able to arm themselves. And a standard 8-10 clip magazine should not be banned. 25 and 50 I can see! Same with the most deadly automatic weapons. Those aren't necessary. But that's where I stop.

Just my opinion.  Way to go Susquehanna County!!!!!!!