Those of us that were in the Northeast in 1993 remember one Nor'easter well.

Between 20 and 30 inches of snow fell and paralyzed us. It took three days for plows to reach the area I lived in! For me, it was great. I didn't have to work. For others, especially those without power, it was hell.

We haven't seen a storm like that since, but apparently, many people want to. Last week , all I kept hearing about the clipper that went through yesterday was "we're going to get slammed!", "we'll get over 20 inches easy", and "it'll be '93 all over again."

Now I am hearing the same about a possible Wednesday night into Thursday storm.

A few meteorologists I know are saying "enough is enough!" And I personally think the madness has to stop. The rumors have been dead wrong all winter. They may not be accurate all of the time, but trust your weather man or woman.

If you have come across websites that spell doom and gloom weatherwise, chances are, it is run by a weather fan and not a professional. One website that predicted a monster storm recently is run by a 16-year-old boy!

My advice is this: Know your sources. I always check 2 local TV stations and the National Weather Service.My other piece of advice is to relax. Snowmageddon is not upon us.