It's back! We got our first little shot of snow today. And ice. There was a lot of slipping and sliding on overpasses and bridges.

I thought I would take time to put together a reminder about how to handle your vehicle in winter weather. Being human, we tend to be slow getting back into winter safety mode.

1. We learned this today. Bridges and overpasses ice first and quickly. Proceed cautiously over them.

2. Do not assume your vehicle can handle any winter weather condition. 4 wheel drive, like everything else, cannot keep you from sliding on ice.

3. Drop those speeds in winter weather. Do I need to explain?

4. Leave extra room between you and other vehicles. The probability of "taking someone else out" in an accident will be greatly reduced.

5. Don't pass snowplows or sanding trucks. The road in front of them is worse that the road behind.Plus they have limited visibility and accident can occur.

6. Use low gears to keep traction, especially on hills.

7. Keep kitty litter in car just in case you get stuck. It is great for gaining traction.

8. Always brake gently to avoid skidding. Slow down sooner than normal when coming to an intersection. You don't want to slide into the center.

9. Always turn on your lights. Other vehicles will see you better.

10. And my favorite tip: stay home in a storm unless you absolutely have to be out.