The South got slammed yesterday by a major winter storm. They had plenty of lead time to prepare, but somehow, many cities didn't.

In the Atlanta area, 5 counties had school children staying overnight at the schools or in school buses because they didn't dismiss classes in time. When parents attempted to drive to pick up their children, many ended up in snowbanks and accidents.

The last time the South was hit with this type of storm was in 2011. They should have remembered how to deal with it, but that's just my opinion!

I think we need to give advice to the South so they don't repeat these storm mistakes. What advice would you give? Keep in mind, most cities don't have snow equipment.

My biggest piece of advice would be: close the schools! And I have to apologize to schools here. I sometimes joke that the schools dismissed for nothing, but I get it now. Better to have the kids safe at home than in the hell that they had to be in in Atlanta.

We'll share your advice later this afternoon.