Yes, I know. There are only a few days until Christmas and your tree is already up, so this is a little late in coming. Who says you can't change your tree?

Many of us do the same thing when it comes to our trees; we put it up and decorate without a thought in mind. I have two friends, however, who have shown me how cool theme trees are! And why not have multiple trees?

Why can't you create a tree that matches your taste or personality? So let's see. If I were to choose a theme, it would be penguins. My friend Kathy opted for a color theme. She has a white tree and a black tree! (that's almost a penguin theme!).

Kathy H.

My friend Michael C. Anthony went all out! Of course he is the King of Christmas when it comes to trees. He has a purple tree, a Snoopy tree, Minion tree (from Despicable Me), and a Snowman tree. I think I am going to hire him to do my tree next year.


Michael C. Anthony

Shake it up! Have the family choose a couple of different themes and plan ahead for next year, or do it now. Boring is out and fun is in.