I got a phone call this morning, which you can hear below, that made my year. A soldier, serving in Afghanistan called to say hi and thank me for making his day better. Wow!

I am humbled. I do this radio and writing thing for you, and because it is fun, but I don't expect any thanks.

Michael Bolles, the soldier, deserves the thanks. He is in one of the most hostile regions there are, putting his life on the line for us. He is away from his family and sacrificing so much. And he is a firefighter in Binghamton to boot!

This Army CID special agent has a tough job to do. He is the Army version of NCIS, which is pretty darn cool.

Thank you Michael Bolles. And thank you wife Jill and family. We are proud to serve you.

Listen to my chat with Michael here:

This makes us want to shine a spotlight on our local heroes. there are plenty of them, too. If you want to share info about a hero, we want to honor them. Email me!