Back in May of 1965, The Rolling Stones recorded the song that probably made them a big player in the world of rock-n-roll. That song is (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.

The awesome guitar riff in the song is courtesy of Keith Richards, and is featured on The Rolling Stones 'Out Of Their Heads' album. The song of course went to the number one position on the US singles chart along with the singles chart in the UK and several other countries. It took a while to get airplay in the UK due to it's sexual nature.

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction was the first number one hit for The Rolling Stones in the US, and has landed on many top all time best rock and music lists. It was even covered by the new wave band, Devo in 1977. That was an interesting version, but I actually like it!

For this week's Classic Rock Throwback Thursday, let's get some Satisfaction with the Rolling Stones in 1965.