There is no doubt that Stevie Ray Vaughn was one of the best guitar players ever. It just sucks that he died at age 35.

I will never forget hearing that he died in a helicopter crash. I don't think anyone could. The guy was getting ready to hit the top of the pile. He was played on radio, headlining a tour and, best of all, had just gotten off the stage doing an encore with some guitar Gods he looked up to: Eric Clapton, his brother Jimmy Vaughn (of the Fabulous Thunderbirds), Buddy Guy, and Robert Cray. Add B.B. King and it was would have been perfect.

Yes, Stevie Ray had some addiction issues that were taking it's toll, but he had a chance to beat them.

Sadly, minutes after the helicopter took off at 12:50 am on August 27th, it crashed killing Stevie Ray and 3 members of Eric Clapton's entourage: agent Bobby Brooks, bodyguard Nigel Browne, and assistant tour manager Colin Smythe.

And that was the end of a brilliant artist. We will never know the heights he could have reached.  Thank goodness we have his music. that will live forever.  Here is a clip of his last performance.