Spring always makes me think of cleaning up and throwing out items in my house. I feel happy when I organize. The only stumbling block I had, until recently, was what to do with all my old electronics!

Well, there's good news. Many locations now take old electronics. Anything from old cordless phones to TVs to old pcs to electronic games can be disposed of. And you don't have to pay anything!

Staples and Best Buy lead the way with retailers in establishing recycling programs. Their rules are on their websites. And Broome County has a great resource page that lists many location s that also recycle. I was pleasantly surprised to see that.

I went to a retailer and dropped off 3 things yesterday. They got it out of the car for me!

There are a couple of guidelines you need to know:

1. Most retailers only allow you to bring in 3 items a week. So, space out your visits.

2. If you have an item you want to recycle that is not on a list or you aren't sure about, call the recycler. They will probably take it anyway if you ask.

3. Don't throw electronics in the household trash. You could be fined, depending on where you live. Or it will be rejected if found.

It's time to spruce up the old homestead and make room for new toys! Recycling is the responsible way to do it.