I have been holding this one in for a few weeks in the hopes that the people who drive through my town start to actually pay attention to signs. Sadly, they have not!

Lee Ann Taylor

This sign sits right at Franklin Avenue and Main Street in Susquehanna. Due to the rebuilding of a bridge just a few feet away, a traffic light had to be installed parallel to Penn Star Bank. Not only is Franklin Avenue in danger of being blocked by the cars stopped for a red light, so is Euclid Avenue, whose only access point is the "alley" next to the bank.

Only one car can stop at the light. More than that blocks the two roads and the pedestrian crosswalk (which is illegal to stop on top of). Still, vehicles try.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen people ignore the sign to not block the intersection! Really?  A few feet is going to get you to your destination quicker? It's that important?

Drivers need to stop driving selfishly. If you are going to be late, it is because of poor planning and that extra few feet will not erase that. This is my biggest pet peeve. It causes accidents and traffic backups.

PLEASE, when you are driving on area roadways, read and follow the instructions on road signs! They are there for a reason.

What is your biggest traffic pet peeve?