The orange barrels are up and road construction is in full swing in the Southern Tier. That means patience is a must when driving. To be blunt, I saw some very stupid drivers speeding into construction areas over the weekend. That is more than dangerous to other drivers, it puts workers in jeopardy as well.

If you have to be somewhere fast, then leave early. It is that simple. Am I stressing out because I have to take the Broad Ave exit while exit 4S is closed? Nope. It is what it is. I enjoy the music on the way to work! It's the same strategy I used while driving to see Yankees games in the Bronx: relax, have fun and don't stress out at all.

The Prospect Mountain project is in a new phase, which means more road closures or delays. This is the cost of improvement. As matter of fact, the information is so numerous, that I recommend you check out their Facebook page for the full details here.

One smart way to not get so uptight about construction is to avoid it. Know an alternate route and use it. So change sucks. It is much better than traffic jams though.

Thousands of us share these roads, please keep that in mind and drive responsibly. And no cell phone or device use please.

Here is a video with solid driving advice for construction zones.