I used to drive my sister nuts when I called and got her voicemail. I never left a message. Back then, before the all inclusive plans, it cost 10 cents to retrieve a message. I didn't want to add to her bill.

I guess some habits die hard, because most of the time when I call someone, I don't leave a message. If the phone rings, they will see a missed call. Why should I leave a message if they know I called? It's a waste of everyone's time.

Well, I just read that the new etiquette, according to the new York Times, is to only leave voicemails in an emergency and instead text the message. I totally disagree! I say if the phone doesn't go directly to voicemail, the "callee" will see you called. That should suffice. Why leave an annoying text? (Yes, I can't stand texting!).

Add something else to the list of "extinct practices":  recreational voicemail!