My favorite "monster" is Dracula. Hands down, he is one cool guy. How can a bloodsucker pull off being aloof and charming? I don't know, but he does.

My first sighting of Dracula was in "Abbott and Costello Meet Dracula". It had it's comedic moments, which is why I wasn't really scared. Ever since, I have been hooked.

Forget "Twilight" and all those Dracula wannabes, he is the only vampire!  Kudos to NBC for daring to air a Dracula series, by the way.

Here are the best portrayals of Dracula, in my humble opinion.

  • 1

    Bela Lugosi

    the first, the classiest, the best. Lugosi first portrayed Dracula in 1931 and has been the gold standard ever since.

  • 2

    Gary Oldman

    Gary Oldman always puts a freaky spin on his characters and Dracula is no different. But, he still keeps the charm to it.

  • 3

    Frank Langella

    It's all in the eyes. A good Dracula has to have piercing and intense eyes. Score one for Mr. Langella.

  • 4

    Christopher Lee

    His eyes are too creepy, but at least they are intense! Christopher Lee is the scariest and meanest Dracula on the list. Very little charm here.

  • 5

    Leslie Nielson

    I always love a Mel Brooks movie! Naturally, the humor is ridiculously over the top, so Leslie Nielson makes the perfect Dracula.