Having hailed from New Jersey, I have a massive pet peeve about how the Big Game is being presented.

It is in NEW JERSEY not New York.

Somehow, the powers that be have decided that the logo for the game has to say NY on the left center and NJ on the right center. And then there is the press, who apparently have no clue about US geography. East Rutherford is in the Garden State, not the Empire State.

Stop it already!

Even friends of mine in New York City don't like it, which surprised me.

Though the stadium was built with private money only, New Jersey residents pay the price for all the infrastructure around it, the security for events, and several other necessities. New Yorkers do not.

For the Big Game, the security costs to taxpayers are astounding. This is a first and law enforcement is concerned about a home grown terrorist using it as a platform. It is much harder to track the homegrown variety because they are below the radar until they slip up.

Hopefully all will go well. Now back to my point: If you want to tie this game or anything done at the stadium to New York, take the burden off the state that hosts it and gets ignored.

I feel better now! Go Broncos!