Almost daily, we get bombarded with stories about sports stars gone wrong. The sad truth is the good stars are rarely talked about. The happy stories just don't draw the attention. Or so the media thinks.

Monday, MLB pitcher Roy Halladay proved that a good story can go viral. The injury plagued hurler opted to retire. Since he spent his first 12 years as a Toronto Blue Jay, he signed a one day deal to retire with that team.

Halladay showed his grateful and sentimental side to his Philadelphia Phillie home as well. He took out a full page ad thanking the City, organization, and fans for the great run. Wow.

Philadelphia Phillies Twitter page

Halladay gave my team (the Phillies) 3 good years from 2010 to 2013. He had a perfect game in 2010 and a no hitter in the same season during the playoffs. "Doc" also earned his second Cy Young Award. The fans loved him for his heart and his talent, and they let him know how much he was welcome in Philly time and time again. He was clean, charitable, and an all around role model for even the youngest fans. And it was easy.

Then, Roy Halladay went out with class. He will continue to help both Toronto and Philadelphia with his charity foundation, and even though he retired as a Blue Jay, to the fans, Halladay will always be a Phillie.