Just days ago, a few friends on Facebook were wondering what was happening to Matt Harvey that his pitching was not up to par. I joked that the Victoria's Secret Model he was dating had all his attention. We wish!

Harvey had some pain in his pitching elbow and got checked out. The results, at first, were not too dire: a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament. It probably didn't need anything but rest and non-invasive treatment. Then came the MRI and the words "Tommy John Surgery".

If Harvey has to get the surgery, he will be out for over a year. Many people are thinking "great! there goes any chance the Mets have of a winning season." But I am thinking "I hope Harvey's career can continue."

Tommy John surgery is serious. The result can make or break a career. So far, most pitchers have been fine and with Matt Harvey's age, I think he will be too.

It's sad to see the Mets fans hang so much hope on one person. That is one glaring issue that Harvey's injury brought to light. This should be a wake up call to the Mets. They need to seriously use the immense talent they have in their farm system and develop it with a vengeance.

Look at the talent we have right here with the B-Mets! Do I need to remind anyone that Zac Wheeler was here? Pitching aside, there needs to be real offense. The potential is there, the big club just needs to get down to business.

Don't worry Mets fans, things will get better. And B-Mets fans, here's hoping Harvey rehabs here!