Seriously. I am sentimental about Foley utensils. My Dad was a fan and that is where it started.

Every family in America used Foley utensils at one time or another. There were durable nylon or melamine and perfect. The spatulas allowed for flawless flips and the blenders (or forks) make fluffy scrambled eggs.

Foley made these fabulous utensils through the 1970's. Since they aren't made anymore it's tough to find them and when the inevitable happens, it's heartbreaking. Yes, I said heartbreaking! I watched my Mom, Gram and Dad use these things and I have used them since college. I formed a bond with the utensils.

I have a set and my Dad had 2 sets, except for their thin spatula. When my Dad passed on, I got his sets. Of course I put them away for safekeeping. They're spares.

This morning, my husband Tom,who also has an admitted attachment to Foley utensils (yes, they are that good) was flipping some eggs when.... SNAP! the handle of the slimmest spatula broke. Oh no! I don't have a spare of that one.

He told me delicately and I decided I will find a way to splint it. As i keep saying, they are that good! Meanwhile, in case the splint doesn't work, I have found some online. They are expensive but that is ok.

I failed to mention that my family is not the only bunch considered nuts for "obsessing" about Foley utensils. There are actually groups online devoted to them! And we all use them. No putting them in a case as a collectible.

The moral of this little story is, that you can feel sentimental about stuff, even utensils. There is nothing wrong with it, it may just be costly after a while.