Before you start throwing stuff at the screen, I am a Yankee fan. I hate to think the "Captain" may have to step down. Realistically, Derek Jeter needs to look at retiring.

Jeter started out the year on the disabled list after re-injuring the ankle he broke in last year's playoffs, he came back at the half-way point and promptly ended up back on the DL with a quad strain and a month later after coming back, messed up his calf. Now his ankle is giving him a problem again. He only played in 17 games this season. Even he admitted this season was a nightmare.

Sometimes, there is no coming back from injury.  I think his body is beat up and telling him something. Yes, he pushed it and came back too early from the broken ankle and leg strength is the real issue now. Both Jeter and the team are at fault for this situation.

Derek Jeter is officially a big chunk of the Yankee legacy, and I am betting will always have a role with the team, so why don't we just let him retire? He needs to exit on an up note instead of being the guy who wasn't up to the task but tried anyway.

To me, Jeter is as strong a captain as Thurman Munson was. Munson didn't have the opportunity to go out gracefully after a long career, but Jeter does. He has lived up to our expectations. There's nothing more to prove.

Thanks for the memories and hard work Derek Jeter! You are always a Yankee. Please quit while you are ahead.