When my mom was a teenager, she and her family lost their home to a fire that swept through quickly and mercilessly. It's been over 40 years since fire stole everything my mom owned, but she still talks about it to this day. The impact that it had, and still has, on her is just profound.

Anyone who's had to pick up the pieces after a fire will tell you that it's no easy feat. The mounds of insurance paperwork can feel suffocating. The worry. The confusion. The uncertainty. The grief of loss is simply massive.

When tragedy strikes, our community comes together in such a remarkable way to envelope those affected in love and support. Our community is so giving and so many people have reached out to me, asking what they can do to help the Chandler family of Whitney Point family who lost everything in a what's believed to be an accidental fire which sent all nine to the hospital. One of my first responder friends was on the scene and told me that last they heard, everyone is expected to survive.

While the Chandler family has escaped the loss of life, they've not escaped the loss of their home and everything they own. This family is going to need a lot of help to get back on their feet, and I am confident that we, as a community can help to greatly ease their burden.

The Lisle Fire Station is accepting donations from 11am to 1pm and 4-7pm on Wednesday, November 30th. The things the Chandler family need the most include:

Girl: Shoe size 3, clothes 10/12
Girl: Shoe size 6, clothes 14/16
Boy: Shoe size 10, clothes 4T
Girl: Shoe size 8, clothes 3T
Boy: Shoe size 1, clothes 18-24 months
Boy: Newborn
Dad: Shoe size 11 ½, clothes Extra Large, 38 x 33
Mom: Shoe size 8 ½, clothes Large, 12/14
Grandfather: Shoe size 11 ½, clothes 2XL, 42 x 30

What a blessing it would be to this family to have their diapering needs provided. If you're able to help, they need newborn and size 3 diapers along with wipes and other personal care products.

From toiletries to bedding, cookware, to gift cards, whatever you can think of that this family might need as they rebuild their life, please consider dropping it off at the Lisle Fire Station so they can pass it along to the family.

In a Facebook post, Whitney Point Mayor Ryan Reynolds wrote that a GoFundMe page was set up to solicit donations to help the Chandler Family.  According to the GoFundMe page, Country Folks Diner in Richford is also accepting donations if you're not able to get to the Lisle Fire Department.

Colleen McCabe, executive director of the Southern Tier Chapter of the Red Cross told Press Connects that they are also doing what they can to help and that typically, the Red Cross is able to help with housing until permanent housing can be secured.

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