I’m Trying Again
I'm trying to quit smoking again. You may remember that I quit back in November, but I have started smoking again since. This is how and why I'm trying again.
It’s 4:20 Day Again
Today is like a holiday for 'potheads'. I think marijuana should be legalized in New York. Read why I feel that way and where the term 4:20 came from.
I’m Missing Out
A bunch of my friends are on a golf trip in Ocean City, Maryland. I can't take time off at work during the month of April. They ask every year, but I can't go.
Five Binghamton Area Restaurants That I Eat at the Most
I love to go out to eat. It may be because I can't cook. I can heat up stuff in the microwave and make a sandwich, but that's about it.
We are creatures of habit, and I'm wondering if it also pertains to places you visit...not just restaurants, but places you shop for example...

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