Next time you think about renovating your bathroom, you may end up with a urinal in it.

For some reason, the urinal is becoming a new "feature" in homes. My question is: are they necessary? I don't think so. as a friend said this weekend, if he wants a urinal experience, he'll pee in the shower!

For young boys, I think having a urinal does a disservice to them. Someday they will have to learn and aim into a regular toilet. And the woman that marries men who as boys didn't learn to aim well will be very ticked off! Who knows, it could keep these poor boys from getting married someday. What woman wants a man who misses the mark all the time?

Go ahead and put a urinal in the man cave, by all means! Just not in the house.

If you absolutely feel the need for a feature in the bathroom, get a bidet. Just my two cents!