One of my greatest childhood Christmas memories is when as a family, we'd load up the car with Christmas dinners and deliver them to people who otherwise wouldn't have a special meal, or when we'd help serve up Christmas dinner to those who couldn't afford to make a meal of their own.

Maybe you're looking to start a tradition of giving back to the world around us with your kids by serving a Christmas meal to someone. If so, you'll want to fill out the volunteer form or, get in touch with Bill Bandera by calling 607-231-0706. Since 1989, the Bandera family has been serving meals to our community on Christmas day. What started out as 69 meals served now exceeds 3,000 meals (including 1,200 deliveries) and the Bandera family could really use some help from volunteers.

The Bandera family offers a free Christmas meal at the American Legion, Post 80, at The Boys And Girls Club in Endicott as well as for seniors who live at 110 Chenango, Woodburn Court, #1, and Lincoln Senior Building.

If you aren't able to help on Christmas day, you can always make a much much-appreciated donation.

[via Bandera Christmas]