In my opinion, the hacker group Anonymous is quickly becoming a cult hero group in the United States. They have used their considerable hacking skills for good more than bad. In a time when we have been promised transparency in government (and it hasn't been delivered), Anonymous has lifted the veil of secrecy.

They released info from the secret files of major banks about the crisis that caused the recession, released info about some games the U.S. government was playing in both the economy and defense. And now they are trying to bring down the Westboro Baptist Church.

That is a big change of target! Westboro Baptist is the "hate" church who loves to protest at soldiers' funerals and those of victims of disaster or tragedy. When Westboro Church threatened to picket at the funerals of the Newtown shooting victims, Anonymous had enough. They warned the church that if they did indeed continue to threaten to picket, to expect an attack. Westboro Baptist continued to threaten and Anonymous made good on its promise by hacking the Twitter page of one of the church's representatives and publishing personal info of the church members. Yes! I loved it.

Now that Westboro has threatened to picket the funerals of the Boston Marathon explosions, Anonymous is coming full force at the church. They now have control of the church's Facebook page. It is a sight to behold. What Anonymous will do if the Westboro Baptist Church is stupid enough to picket will be, I am sure, very sweet poetic justice.

I almost hope the church is that stupid! Looks like Anonymous is a group that is truly looking out for us.