Google is more than just a search engine. Yesterday, someone posted one of their "hidden" tricks on Facebook and I tried it. It worked! Then I wondered how many people actually know about these treasures on Google? I have compiled a list that works. try them for a fun break in your workday.

1. Type "zerg rush" in search.  Google eats it's own page!

2. Search "do a barrel roll" and the Google page does a barrel roll. Funny.

3. There are Klingon, Elmer Fudd and Pirate versions of Google. Just search they type you want and "Google" after it.

4. Make your theme the Beach and at 3:14am, the Loch Ness Monster pops up on it! This I want to try.

5. Type in "the loneliest number" and the first result is "1". Props to the three Dog Night there.

6. Search the word "anagram".  Look at "did you mean..." after hitting enter.

7. Search the word "askew" and the page tilts.

8. Search "Google Sphere" and click on the first result. Everything revolves around Google.

Share others if you want. The people that work at Google are obviously creative and like to spread some chuckles. Enjoy!