Thanks to recent comments about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and this weekend's disgusting bashing of actress Melissa McCarthy, I am forced to speak up.

I am overweight and in good company. The average size of the American woman is 14 not a 2 or 4 as society likes to portray. People like me have been "fat shamed" most of our lives. Many like me fight to lose weight all of our lives.

Well, when I heard the so called "experts" bash Chris Christie's weight for the last week or so, it ticked me off. No one is in a position to say he will die quickly unless they have examined him or treated him. Period. And yet a Doctor chose to do so on CNN. Guess what? She was guessing and assuming. His doctor is pleased with his cholesterol and all his other numbers. He's healthy.

And then there was legendary critic Rex Reed's turn. His target: Identity Thief star Melissa McCarthy. He had the nerve to call her "tractor-sized",  a "screeching, humongous creep" and a "female hippo."  How dare he! I'm sorry if she is realistically sized. Oh and she is also successful! Identity Thief is the biggest movie of the year so far. It raked in 36 million dollars this past weekend.

I think it's interesting that Hollywood is coming to Melissa's defense since they are part of the problem. They parade tiny, thin to the point of unhealthy actresses and reality stars in front of us relentlessly. And don't get me started on magazines, their models and photo shopping. Reed never bashed Marilyn Monroe and by today's standards she was fat.

It's time to start treating people with respect based on their character and not their weight. I, personally, have been bashed more times than I can count. I think it's why I loved the message in the movie "Shallow Hal." Look at the person, not the package. But sadly, society has become shallow. It's all about the package and not the talent or personality.

I, for one, refuse to take it anymore! I will support Chris Christie and Melissa McCarthy one-hundred percent. And Rex Reed, you sir can kiss my oversized tush.