Both my Father and I have been in the public eye for years. We are both used to having limited privacy, as it comes with the territory. My siblings, however, are over the top private.

When Dad got ill, I shared some details on Facebook. After all, there are many friends there that know him. My sister got her panties all in a bunch. Subsequently, she looks at my page regularly now.

I post because I need to find a way to deal with it, but how much am I entitled to reveal and how many rights does my family have to censor me?

I have yet to find the answer. If my family had it's choice I would not be allowed to say anything. Well, I am sorry, but that ain't happening! For my mental well being, I need to share. I can't help it, and the family  doesn't understand this, that my friends (actual REAL ones) communicate with me on Facebook because of distance.

I need your take on this so I can figure it out.