When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time in Connecticut. The first time I heard the word grinder I was perplexed. The object named was a hoagie! But, not in New England. It's a grinder up there. In the Philly area, water is pronounced "wudder". And in urban areas, especially is pronounced expecially (which annoys the hell out of me!).

How different are the dialects in America? A statistician at the North Carolina State University decided to analyze the results of a survey to find out. The resulting maps are fascinating!


How do you pronounce caramel? Is it pop or soda? How do you say coupon? Pecan? Yep, these are some of the questions with cool answers! By the way, no full region says expecially. That's the way it needs to stay!

And, I have to add that Big Wally is in the huge minority when it comes to calling a creek a crick!

You can check out the maps here.