Cue the violin music! Cut to the near teary and stricken Denny Hamlin, then to the wronged Joey Logano.

No this isn't a scene from "Days of Our Lives", it's pre-race coverage of the Sprint Cup series race at Martinsville this weekend. Did they open with it being a big test for the new Gen-6 car? Or that Mark Martin and Brian Vickers were relief drivers? Maybe that it was Danica Patrick's first start at the famed short track? Nope. It started with the media generated deep seeded hate between Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin. And that is where the focus stayed until the last 10 minutes.

I am so over that feud! Yes, Denny Hamlin is out for 5 more weeks due to a spine compression fracture. Yes, Hamlin and Logano have stuff to work out. Do I care? No! If I wanted drama, I would watch soaps. I want to see details about the Gen-6's performance. I want to get stats on how Danica Patrick did in practice.

Don't expect the focus on Speed or ESPN to shift from the feud storyline anytime soon. They need the ratings as NASCAR viewership has dropped. Anything juicy will get over covered as things do these days.

Here's hoping there is another feud or even a gen-6 car problem to focus on soon! And to honor the late Roger Ebert, to ESPN and Speed Networks: a big thumbs down.