Sometimes you have to get and enjoy the bigger universe. So,Rock Jam is coming to Grand Junction, Colorado in August and we want to send you there. Don't forget to enter here. You have until Friday.

And while your thinking about seeing great acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fuel, Queensryche, Korn and more how about thinking about the sites you can take in during your downtime?

I picked some landmarks I would like. What do you think?

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    Museum of the West

    There's nothing like the stories of the Wild West and you can separate fact from fiction and get a taste of what it was like "back in the day" when Wyatt Earp and company roamed the West with the buffalo.  Check out their info here.

    Wilson Severino via CC
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    McInnis Canyons-Black Ridge Canyons

    It's amazing to me how the Earth has been shaped in millions of years. Water rushing through once tiny streams and movement of the rock formed these canyons. The colors are beyond anything we could see in Binghamton, that's for sure!

    mark byzewski via CC
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    Old Downtown

    As with here, grand Junction had to work to rebuild a time worn downtown area. The work was worth it and you can enjoy the product, with lovely shops and eateries lining the street. There is art all around too. You could even bring back ideas that help Binghamton.

    Loco Steve
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    Colorado National Monument trails

    Colorado is known for being the type of place outdoors lovers go. And this is one reason why. How about 14 miles of trails?  Wow! There are plenty of overlooks and park to explore as well.