When I was growing up, we had landlines. They didn't ring much, but when they did it was usually important. We, however, answered them when we felt like it.

These days, so many people rush to grab their cell phones and interrupt any meaningful  facetime they have with real live people. Or do they?

I can say for certain that with texts, people are made to wait. A lot. And younger people (ok -some older people too) are ticked off that they are not number one on the priority list. I have seen many examples of people throwing fits and getting angry enough to end relationships all because the text wasn't answered in 5 or 10 minutes.

Here's a little clue for those impatient people: your textee has a life! They actually have to go to the bathroom, work, sleep, and interact with others. You are not their end all-be all and neither is their phone. Take a look at how crazy people get when "ignored"!

When I realized I was looking at my phone too much, I started leaving it in other rooms and forgetting about it. I feel so much better and much less stressed. I had expectations that people would interact with me if I texted. Now, I don't care. I treat the phone like a landline.

More people should try that. Selfishness and impatience goes away when you do. Just a tip of the day!