It can be done! You don't have to spend a single dime on Valentine's Day if you don't want to and it won't get you into trouble.

There are countless ways to show you care without all the bells and whistles, and according to new polls, many are doing just that.

One year, my husband made me eggs and tater tots and arranged the tater tots into a heart with an arrow. he put the eggs inside. The effort and the thought behind it made me giddy. See? It doesn't take much. It really is the thought (that goes into it) that counts.

Here are some interesting, and free, ways to celebrate amour:

1. Find your spouse's car at work and leave a note. It can be a thank you or even telling them to meet you for a quickie somewhere different. Just make sure it's on the right car.

2. For ladies: Clean your man's garage. That would be a welcome surprise!

3. For guys: Do one chore she's been nagging about. it get's off the list and she is happy. Score!

4. Drop him off at his favorite "guy" place. Whether it's a sports bar or a gentlemen's club. Have him text you when he is ready to come home.

5. Give her a massage. A real one, not the two minute "ouch my hands hurt" kind.

6. Cook for each other.

7. Role play.

8. Sprinkle flower petals all over the bed for her.

9. In fairness, sprinkle full beer bottles and jerky snacks all over the bed for him.

10. Recreate your favorite date.

Some of these ideas may make you roll your eyes, but at least it's a starting point. Happy Valentine's Day!