A Crazy Weekend of NFL Football
There was one play this weekend that every sports fan is talking about today. It happened in the Minnesota - New Orleans game. It was the 'Miracle in Minnesota!
Will My Team Win Tomorrow?
The Eagles lost Superbowl XV to a backup quarterback, can they get there and win it this year with their second string guy. I'm not getting my hopes up, but...
Maybe There’s Hope for Me Yet
This man's story gives me hope that I might not be too old to have a career as a golfer. Of course, I would have to become a much better player. Check this out.
I Was Pulling for the Bills
The NFL Playoff games were close this weekend. I was rooting for the Bills yesterday even though I have nothing against Jacksonville. Who am I pulling for now?
Only 74 More Days Until Spring
Are you tired of winter already? I can't wait to get back outside and golf. Hell, I can't wait to go outside without the cold making my face hurt. 74 more days.

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