Easter Egg Hunt Goes Bad
Easter Egg Hunts are planned so kids have fun collecting eggs. But, what happens when you make them stand around waiting too long and then you try and get them to do the wave?
April Fools in Radio
Did you ever prank someone on April Fools Day and it goes even better than you planed? Check out a prank that was pulled on me. It's was "Horsing" around at it's finest.
I Double Dog Dare You
Everybody laughs during the Movie “A Christmas Story” when Flick stuck his tongue to the frozen flagpole at school on a dare. I had something like that happen to me once and I spoke about it on the air this morning. I had a bunch of people reach out to me asking for more on my story so I…
Is It Easter yet?
Lent is a time for Catholics to sacrifice and repent. Some people give up drinking or smoking or some people even do one good deed per day. See what Jim Free gave up for lent this year.
Fresh Pot of Coffee or Crap?
I love coffee. I can drink it all day long. I need coffee to help me wake up in the morning and if I don't have any I get the caffeine headaches. Yep, nothing better than a freshly brewed pot of coffee, unless it's FLAVORED coffee. YUCK...
Five -Second Rule, Right?
Don't you hate it when you are about to eat something that you've been craving, like a leftover piece of pizza, or maybe a piece of cheesecake, and somehow you end up dropping it? It's like slow motion, watching it spin through the air as gravity has fun at your expense...

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