Shoveling Snow is for the Dogs
If my Greyhound was having trouble walking around in the backyard to do his business, you know my little Italian Greyhound wouldn't even make it off the back porch.
St. Paddy’s Day by the Numbers
How many pints of Guinness will people drink today? How many people will celebrate St. Patrick's Day? The answer might surprise you, and we've got it!
Awe, Snow Days as a Kid
You would stay up late to watch the weatherman on the news. You would go to sleep dreaming of having the day off from school the next day. But what if....
Everyone Is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, Right?
I’m mostly German and Irish and I have a little Welsh in me as well. I don’t wear an Irish or German hat and I don’t have an Irish or German bumper sticker on my car either. But when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, I dress the part and celebrate by eating corned beef and cabba…

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