What Do You Tell the Kids?
A wedding photo of a couple in the Netherlands has gone viral. How do you explain it to your children if they ever see it. Click here to see the picture.
A Cure for the Common Cold
It's a rare event that I get sick. Normally I catch a cold once a year at most, but in the last couple of years, that number has increased.
Karma Is a Bitch
Everybody hopes for karma to payback someone who has wronged them. This clown ended up in the hospital when karma paid him a visit. That will teach him.
Second All-Time Favorite Concert
Paul McCartney played in Syracuse Saturday. He played for three solid hours and he did not disappoint. Check out his set list and Jim's review here.
My Busy Weekend
It's another crazy weekend for me. Everything I'm doing, even working, I enjoy, but it will be non-stop until Monday. Check out the insanity here.
Scarecrows at Otsiningo Park
What are you going to do with the leaves in your yard? You could build a scarecrow and maybe win some prizes. Check out the Scarecrow Contest in Broome County.

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