Where’s Jim?
Jim's off today and Doug Mosher will be filling in for him. See what Jim's doing today and see what you can win from Doug during today's Freezone in the Morning
Summer Means Concert Season
Some of the biggest names in rock are hitting the road this summer. How many of these tours would you like to see? What shows do you have tickets for already?
What Would You Do with 25k?
I'm giving away $50. worth of Fat Cat Lottery tickets from the New York Lottery. Find out how to win and what I would do if I won the 25 Grand!
Your Chance To Win Up To $5,000
Listen to us weekdays through April 20 for our daily code words. When you hear a code word, enter it right here, and you might just get the call letting you know you've won $200 to $5,000.

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