Yesterday,  I stopped at a convenience to get a couple things. I swiped my card and waited for the receipt, which the cashier promptly crumbled. After I lectured her on that being a bad business practice, I got a new one.

You should always get a receipt when not paying cash. Theft through falsifying receipts or adding extras on to your order are increasing dramatically. Why? Because we don't look at our receipts!

It's pretty maddening to me that businesses are instructing, apparently, their cashiers to automatically not give you that precious slip of paper unless you ask. The biggest offender is a nationwide liquid refreshment chain.They are practically begging their employees to steal.

To avoid problems, when you get the receipt look over all the information on that slip carefully, including tax paid. What the register says may not be the same info. Plus, in many retail stores, the cash register is separate from the credit card machine. You should always get a receipt and should never have to ask! I would love to hear the reasoning behind not offering it.

Don't become a victim.