If you are a fan of numerology, here's some fun for you:

Black Sabbath has been together for 45 years. Somehow, a number 1 album has alluded them that entire time (the closest they got was 8 with "Master of Reality"). I don't know how, I mean "Paranoid" was masterful.

The band decided to get the original lineup, including Ozzy Osbourne together for new music. It's the first time in 35 years this lineup has recorded together. And the first album by the band in 18 years.

What's Black Sabbath's album called? 13. Now it could go number 1.

Not bad for a band that split with Osbourne because of excesses and personal problems. With Tommy Iommi in the middle of a cancer battle and drummer Bill Ward not behind the drum kit, "13" was anything but a sure thing to start.

Geezer Butler, Iommi, Osbourne were incomplete for the beginning of the "13" sessions. Drummer Bill Ward was in a dispute over the details of his contract for the album. That ended when rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk was brought in.

What came out of the studio was brilliant. From End of the Beginning to bonus track Pariah, it is more  than classic Black Sabbath. It's better. And it will be number 1. Pretty sweet for a bunch of guys that never imagined this would happen a couple of years ago.

You can see for yourself how the studio sessions went. The best part? Black Sabbath says they aren't done recording, so it looks like there will be a "14"!