One of my favorite sayings is "putting lipstick on a pig." In other words, making a something "better" with a cosmetic/superficial fix.

For some reason, I have noticed governments tend to do that a lot. PennDOT loves to slap a layer of asphalt on a road that is in dire need of rebuilding and then wonders why it needs to be redone in 2 years. Duh!

Well, I noticed the State Street parking ramp getting a fresh coat of paint today, when there is a drain pipe that has not been repaired (water pours into the lower levels now), gaping holes and large cracks in the parking surface and walking areas, and sections that need to be regraded.

No worries! A little coat of paint will make all that go away. Not! What an amazing display of wasteful thinking. Just because the ramp has to look good for incoming students and residents doesn't mean that a coat of paint will make the real problems less glaring. It won't.

My biggest pet peeve is wasting our hard earned tax money. This paint situation is a perfect example. I hope someone understands that there is a serious flaw that needs to be fixed...without the lipstick.