It's National Backyard Games Week! This brings back lots of fun memories from my rugrat days, like playing "mother may I" with my Sis and friends in our backyard. or red light, green light.

Remember all the fun of playing with neighborhood kids? Running in the streets without care? Well, it's time to relive a little of our youth! Go ahead and play these games with friends. Why not? Make your holiday weekend fun with this. Seriously.

Here are some ideas of what to play and my favorite backyard games ever. AND we want to know yours. Comment!



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    Jailbreak (tag with a jail)

    This is the game I played most. When we went to my Gram's we had free reign. We used a wraparound porch as the jail, so we broke out a lot! This one could be played at night too. I got caught a lot.

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    This is a game we played at our Kincaid family reunion every Memorial Day weekend. It was the one time during the year we got to see this part of the family and man were they competitive! I learned to spike the "birdie". Yes, that's what I call it.

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    I played this from preschool through 8th grade and I was a good kicker. How could I not be? That red ball was pretty huge and squishy .I am going bet this would be a good stress reliever for you.


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    Red light green light

    Remember this one? You actually had to listen. I loved being "it" for this one. I knew two of my friends would surely keep moving when I said "red light". this is the game that taught me my love of controlling people!

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    I had terrible balance. I still do. I still loved this game. it helped me with my numbers and the balance got a little better. Wait. Was this a (gulp) learning game?

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