I am a fan of superheroes. I used to collect comic books featuring the usual characters and the Scarlet Witch too (my favorite!). In the 90's, I was excited to see Batman come to life in films

That, however, led to disappointment. I thought one actor would breathe life into the role like Christopher Reeve did to Superman. No such luck! There was Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer then George Clooney. Micheal Keaton was the best, but didn't take "ownership" and Clooney was horrible. Sorry Christian Bale fans, he fell short too.

For Adam West fans. He rocked on TV as Batman but he never made it to the big screen.

Now that Superman and Batman team up in a new Man of Steel flick next year, can Ben Affleck, who was chosen to be Batman, create a dynasty? The consensus on the internet is that he will stink to high heaven. I disagree! I think Affleck can pull it off and then some.