It isn't as simple as watching The Big Bang Theory. Being A SciFi geek takes a lot of research and most importantly a passion for all things far out. Oh, a healthy dose of not caring what other people think will help, too.

I do have to give props to "TBBT" for putting the geekness of scifi into the public awareness. The last scifi geek I knew well was my Uncle. He was nuts for all things Star Trek.

There are several books and movies you need to see before you can welcomed into the geekdom. There are lists everywhere on the internet. Whatever you do, do not ask! Just read. You must be able to rattle off any type of character and plot info, too.

You should also deck a space in your bedroom out with scifi memorabilia. This will help get you in the right frame of mind.

Then there is hanging out with other geeks. Picking a mentor is a great idea. That way you can be shown the ins and outs of the geek kingdom with accuracy.

Finally, and this is important, you become initiated into the scifi geek world when you attend a "con". Don't know where to find one? Don't worry, you have a year to prepare. you see, there is one right here in Binghamton!

"RoberCon", was held yesterday at the Roberson Museum. There were fan groups, vendors, gaming and even the traditional panels. And it all happened in an non-traditional place.

Here's a great tutorial for you!