I'm not sure if it's a surprise or not, but American teens can't handle moderately difficult financial math. What's concerning is only a fraction can understand their pay stubs. Yikes!

A worldwide study was done and the U.S. came in 9th in the teen finances department.

I guess I was lucky. Dad taught me to balance checkbooks and all about finances and how to spend before I went to college. I am still cheap thanks to him!

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development undertook the huge study and the results are something we can work on easily. Why not have mandatory math classes that handle basic personal finance? Kids can learn about pay deductions, credit scores, balancing checkbooks, 401ks, and debt to income ratios.

I wonder how adults do with this stuff? I know most of us don't thoroughly read our bills regularly. (Guilty!)

Here's a tutorial on how to read a basic pay stub. Pass it around!