I saw a video today that just blew me away. A bank, yes I said bank, thanked customers in a most surprising way.

This happened in Canada and the the banks was TD Bank. I can guarantee that their reputation has shot up since the millions of people who viewed this also shared it.

It reminds us that we should take the time to thank people. For instance, I let a co-worker know, yesterday, that she is appreciated for touching lives the way she does. Did she think she had any affect on people or that she matters that much? Nope. Hopefully she does now.

I can't give you tickets to see a relative, have you throw out the first pitch at a Yankees or Mets game (maybe B-Mets!), or give you a piggy bank with money in it, but I can thank you for listening to the Whale.

Just so you know, you really are important to us. You are family. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!