I've learned something very important this year: don't waste the time you are given on trivial junk.

I see my friends on Facebook fight over political views and I think "really? This is what's important?"

My Dad told me years ago that politics is the same as it ever was and nothing will ever change. He was right. People are entitled to believe what they choose and this Country was founded, in part, on that right. So, let it go.

Focus on your family and friends. These are the people that enrich your life. Whether we like it or not, life is truly short. I spend every free moment I can with my Dad and Sister now. I cherish those moments.

I have had some great times with family in my life; it shaped me and molded me. Some people are not so lucky.

My wish for you is this; to truly spend the time to get to know and cherish your family. And if you are estranged from a parent or family member, ask yourself why you can't forgive them. Was what they did so horrible?  Did you get misinformation that exaggerated the issue? I have discovered that many people were a tool in divorce battles and truly were misinformed. As an adult, it's time to bury the hatchet and don't miss out on anymore time.

If your life got so busy that you just can't make the time you want, look at your priorities and hopefully that can change.

My wish for you is that you have no regrets about "what you could have done better" and that your family and friends enrich you as you do them.

Merry Christmas Whale Family!