After the court ruling last month that found Led Zeppelin not guilty of stealing 'Stairway to Heaven' from a song written by the group 'Taurus' I thought I'd way in on this too.

A lot of legendary rockers have issues statements on this whole case, and I have said the same thing all along, it's 100% BS.

There are only 12 tones in music and only so many melodies and chord progression that you can play on an instrument, so it stands to reason that there will be similarities in many songs throughout the years.

The song "Taurus' was written almost 50 years ago, and the guy who wrote it has been dead for over 20 years, 'Stairway to Heaven' has been all over radio and other musical vessels for over 40 years so why come forward with this ridiculous claim now?

I would be willing to bet almost every artist and group have stolen a riff or two from some other artist.

Chord sequences are repeated in millions of songs, and you don't see artists going after each other over a basic 1,4,5 rock progression.

The whole thing was about money and trying to exploit a legendary rock group.

"Stairway to Heaven' is a musical masterpiece composed and recorded by the genius that is Led Zeppelin.

The group 'Spirit' should hang their heads in shame for what amounts to a sleezy act to gain money from a song they could have never written in a thousand years.

Led Zeppelin Rules!

Here's the song in question below, it does have similarities to the beginning, but so does 'Chim Chimney' from Mary Poppins or 'Summer Rain' by Johnny Rivers, there is even a riff in 'Oye Como Va' by Santana that has a snip of that chord sequence.

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