In my opinion, there is nothing better than a hot grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of hot tomato soup on a cold day. Hell, even a hot day, the sandwich is still good, minus the soup.

Today has been deemed National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. Yep, it's what I think I will have for dinner tonight. I've got everything needed except the tomato soup, so it will be a trip to the grocery store on the way home. Did you know there are franchise restaurants that specialize only with grilled cheese sandwiches? It's true.

Growing up, I only knew one type of grilled cheese sandwich. Two slices of bread and American cheese grilled in a pan layered with butter. Imagine my excitement when I learned there are so many variations to the sandwich.

Everyone has their favorite, or may have invented their own type of grilled cheese sandwich. Some add tomato, bacon, different types of spices, and even different types of cheeses and bread. Who says you have to stick to American cheese? A local restaurant features a grilled cheese flight, containing three different half sandwiches with a cup of tomato soup. It's so good.

And one more thing. I have always done this, and I don't know why, except maybe it's the way my parents made it - I pour ketchup on the top of my grilled cheese sandwiches. Alway have. Funny thing, I get strange looks from friends and strangers when I dump a quarter bottle of the red stuff on my sandwich. Am I alone doing this?

However you prepare your sandwich, enjoy your version of the great American grilled cheese sandwich today. Don't forget the tomato soup.

via National Day Calendar

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