Impulse buying. It's an addiction I need to get over. Probably never will. And that's why my checking account is running on empty. Yes, I know, it's all my fault and I need to grow up and be a responsible adult when it comes to spending money. But, I just can't.

If it's a large purchase, meaning it's something that is going to coast a chunk of change, I tend to do as much research as possible. And I like to buy local, so I will most likely visit the store's website first, and then visit the store in person to look over the type of product I like.

I don't know if this happens to you, but when a salesperson comes up to me asking if I need help, or is there anything in particular I have questions about, I normally would just say I'm browsing, but many times I buckle and start blurting out why I'm at the store. I know the salesperson is just doing their job, but once a salesperson is actively involved, I'm more than likely going to end up buying the product I only came to browse.

My latest impulse buy was a refrigerator. This item was something I probably didn't need right away, but my current refrigerator is at least 25 years old and the temperature settings are up as high as they can go to keep food cold or frozen. Fortunately, I found a refrigerator in the scratch and dent section, that saved me almost 400 dollars, so that's a win, right?

But the second reason I was shopping for, was trying to decide if I wanted to pull the trigger and replace my old gas grill with a new pellet grill. After talking with the salesperson who just sold me the refrigerator, I was convinced that pellet grills are the way to go. Just think of the difference in taste of whatever I throw on the grill. My mouth was watering as I signed on the dotted line to make payments for the next few years.

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Of course my excitement came crashing down when my wife, who is an excellent cook, had to blurt out that I have no idea how to grill food, and that I was making a silly purchase. Well, I can grill food just fine, and I will be ready to begin once the pellet grill arrives at my house, and she shows me how to turn it on.

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