While I was searching the web looking for Strange But True stories this morning, I found a story about a woman that works at a Goodwill Thrift Store on Long Island. The woman was going through a purse that was donated and found $39,000 inside.

According to UPI, the woman's name is Kindell Keyes. She's an assistant manager at Goodwill in Long Island City. As it turn out turns out, she thought someone was pulling a joke on her, but the people that donated the purse, obviously didn't realize that all that money was stored in side.

UPI went on to say that the money belonged to a 101 year old woman that passed away recently in New York. Her grandsons cleared out her home after she died and donated many items to Goodwill. They did not go through the purse or they would have found the Cash.

Keyes reported the find to her boss and they track down the owners. One of the two grandsons flew to New York to collect the cash Tuesday, The Goodwill rewarded their employee with a $3,900 bonus.

I wonder if somebody had walked into the Goodwill, bought the purse and found the $39,000, would have ever returned it.


[via UPI]

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