About a year ago, the website RoadSnacks came out with a survey listing 10 towns in New York that, well, are not exactly the best places to live. I know what you're thinking - "One of our Southern Tier municipalities must be on the list." And you are correct, but it's not as local as you may think.

The list was compiled according to several categories including unemployment, education and crime rate, among others. Some of the towns include Herkimer, Utica, Niagara Falls and Watertown.

As for the Southern Tier, there is only one municipality that falls in the Top 10 worst places to live, and that is...Elmira. Whew, we escaped that bad list. Binghamton comes in at 36, Endicott at 58, Johnson City at 66 and Vestal at 208.

Check out the critera and rankings for all of New York State at RoadSnacks website. They do have a disclaimer that the article is an opinion based on data and not to be taken as fact.

[via RoadSnacks.net]